Fairy Bottles

Next time you have a gathering of friends over, save the bottles. Using glass paint, you can transform them into whimsical decorations. After they dry, apply a label and beads using a glue gun.

The purple bottle is a standard paint finish, with a bronze color dabbed onto the grooves and ridges.

The metallic version involves one layer of applied paint (thickly by sponging it on) with distress added by randomly rubbing off sections using a Brillo pad. The inside is painted full silver achieved by pouring the paint in, and flipping the bottle upside down to drain the excess. Using a square sponge, I painted the bottom for extra effect.

Included at the bottom of this article are links to the labels I designed using Photoshop. Feel free to use them in your bottle creations.

Have an enchanted day:)


John Keats Book Wreath

Months ago I located this craft online, and due to life distractions I never got around to it. I am happy to announce that last night, I made this fabulous wreath in preparation for the fall/winter season. (In one sitting! Actually I made this while watching the new Conan movie.)

To make this wreath you will need:
A Glue gun with sticks
Foam wreath
A book to sacrifice

For instructions, head over to: http://livingwithlindsay.com/2009/11/librarians-please-avert-your-eyes.html. Video with paper folding techniques included.

Please note: My wreath contains one paper fold. For the outer layers I used 2 pages per fold. Inner layers and “fill in” are 1 page per fold. Sadly due to it’s massive size I am not offering this on my Etsy. If you wish for me to make one for you, please contact me on Facebook.


Honey Almond Oat Bran Soap Recipe

photo (17)

Some time ago I experimented with melt and pour soap making, and made my first sets of Honey Almond Soap. For a review of my experience, especially if you are considering soap making, please read: http://www.woodlandfairy.com/bubble-bubble-toil-trouble/.

Last night I made these yummy smelling soap bars using the last of the soap base I had left. It is a combination of 3 bases: creamy, glycerin basic and clear (hard).


Almond Oil
Honey Almond Soap Scent
Vanilla extract
Oat Bran
Purple soap dye
Bread loaf pan
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

Melt your basic glyercin base first and mix both almond oil and vanilla extract into it before pouring into your pan (I free measured here). Sprinkle some oat bran onto the basic layer. Spray alcohol to help set the first layer. While the soap starts to cool, melt the clear solid base and mix a few drops of purple dye to achieve a lilac color. Add Honey Almond scent to it and pour the soap trying to target the middle area of the bread pan. The second soap will start to mix with the first. Add a layer of oat bran, and then take a break while the soap cools off a bit. Melt your final layer, and add Honey Almond scent. Using a fork, whisk the soap until bubbles start to form, and then slowly pour it into the bread pan. Scrape out any excess soap and layer it as shavings on the top.

I let the soap cool in the fridge overnight and popped it out of the pan this morning. The slices are a bit small, but I was working with left-over soap bases. Makes a cute hand soap I must say.


Creative Recycling: Dipped Jam Jar Candle

Old jam jars can be easily transformed into new gifts with a bit of paint and an old candle. For instructions on the wax portion of this project, please refer to: http://www.woodlandfairy.com/old-candles-into-new/. This is a 3 step project, and takes 2 days for drying time.


Pour paint into a bucket and place the jar into it. Swirl it around a few times to cover the bottom, then dry upside down. Once dry, take a brilo pad and gently scrub the paint “drips” off leaving an even painted bottom. Wash off any reside and air dry.


Cover up any logos using a base coat of paint. Taking a second color, drizzle it in a messy pattern for a decorative effect. Depending on the thickness of the paint, you may need to allow the lids to dry overnight. Be careful removing the lids as excess paint will lift.


Now you’re ready to wick and pour your recycled wax into the jar. Perfect way to regift half burned candles into new treasures.


Thift Store ReDo: Refinished File Folders

Stopped into the local Goodwill a few weekends back, and found 3 metal file folders, which were in good condition. What likely brought them to their demise is the terrible shade of hot pink and electric blue, painted over them. They also resembled high school locker doors, with 3 slits on the front, leading me to believe they were leftover from someone’s college supplies.

To give new life to these folders I spray painted them with bronzed black spray paint. Once they dried, I covered up the “locker” slats with ribbon. Perfect cheap storage solution for my home office.

Altered Art Trinket Box Tutorial


I found small wooden trinket boxes at my local Dollar Tree, and scooped up 3 of them. The first one, I decided to make a vintage/altered art design for it and make use of some peacock feathers that a coworker gifted me. For this project I used the following:

  • Unfinished wooden box
  • Distress paint, 2 colors
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper tissue (for rubbing alcohol)
  • Glitter pen (gel)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Random vintage art downloaded from the internet, sized for the trinket box
  • Peacock feathers
  • Scissors
  • A penny coin
  • Bottlecap

This project is a 2-day project for drying times. Paint the unfinished box using 2 layers of distress paint. As the box is a porous material, the first layer will not crack.Once your second coat dries, take a penny and begin to randomly scrape at the paint to give a weathered, antique look. Apply your second color of distress paint to accent corners of the box. Dry overnight.

The next day take tissue and apply some rubbing alcohol on it. Dab the tissue around the box to lighten and distress the paint further. Next apply globs of glitter around the box and smooth the gel out to accent the cracked paint. Dry.

Now you’re ready to decorate the box. I used scrapbook paper to make 2 thin strips like old vintage suitcase straps. I cut out a vintage lady and placed her portrait into a bottlecap and doused it with glue. I let it soak up and wiped the excess glue out with tissue.

Let me know how your vintage trinket boxes come out! Enjoy!


Altered Art Necklace: The Unsinkable Molly Brown

The Unsinkable Molly Brown… I loved her in the Titanic movie. From the Molly Brown House Museum:

Margaret, though sore, tired and cold, began to take action. Her knowledge of foreign languages enabled her to console survivors who spoke little English. She also rifled through the ship to find extra blankets and supplies to distribute to women who were sleeping in the dining room and corridors. Margaret realized that many women had lost everything- husbands, children, clothes, money and valuables- and needed to start a life in a new country. She rallied the first class passengers to donate money to help less fortunate passengers. Before the Carpathia reached New York $10,000 had been raised. (source: http://www.mollybrown.org/learn/about-molly-brown/)

Molly is an inspiration for me and I wanted to represent her in my wearable art. For this project, you will need:

  • Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Plastic facet pendants
  • Jump rings
  • Cord (for necklace)
  • Assorted scrapbook paper
  • Paper decals
  • Printed photos from your computer

Assemble your photo, decals, and other cuttings and glue them on scrapbook paper which serves as your background. For added effect you may submerge the computer printed photos in water to smudge, and blur the image. Select which portion of your art will go onto the facet by laying the gem down onto the paper. Once you have selected the composition, trace around the gem and cut out the gem shape. Place a few drops of glue onto the gem and press the paper face down on it. Be sure to “poke” a hole in the paper so the jump ring can be used, then coat the back of the gem with Mod Podge; I used a piece of scrap paper to smooth the glue out. Allow to dry, add additional baubles, and a cord.

It’s been a fun adventure today with Molly and I look forward to taking her reminder with me.