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Bathroom Magazine and Paper Holder

I love bathroom accessories, but won’t pay $19.99 to $30.00 for a magazine rack and toilet paper holder as offered by certain stores in the area. Using a trash bag box, and a coffee can I fashioned by own with craft paper from the Dollar Tree and glue sticks.

I papered the inside of the box first starting with the smaller sides with 2 pieces of paper. Use one long piece for the bottom and remaining sides. Cut one large portion of paper for the outside. Start with the longer sides first and glue the paper from the bottom up. Wrap the smaller sides as if you were wrapping a present and cut any excess. Press the top (trim to make even) into the box and glue down.

For the coffee can simply cut on long piece which circles around the can. Glue the paper down and press the excess down to form an inside layer. Glue down the inside if needed.


Mail Drop: Recycled Potato Box

This idea was inspired from an article I read which mentioned the bad habit of dropping mail into the kitchen area. I’m guilty of this habit, especially as I tend to sort and file mail away during pay periods only. To help reduce kitchen clutter I decided to recycle items I currently owned and create a hanging mail drop. For this project you will need:

  • One cereal or instant potato box
  • Plastic dish
  • Scissors and box cutter
  • Water
  • White glue (elmers or other brand)
  • Scraps of paper
  • Place to dry for 24 hours
Using a box cutter, cut a design with a solid back which will be used to nail the design to the wall. I chose a triangle as a back, however a circle or square shape could be used. Use the scissors to clear up and even out the shapes. You may also reinforce portions of the box where nail holes will go, using spare portions of the box and glue. Next, mix glue with water and rip up pieces of scrap paper. Let the paper soak in the glue mixture making sure each piece is “soaked” in the solution. Place the paper in a randomized collage pattern on the box and allow the box to dry. I would suggest a flat area for drying as the box may warp during the collage. If pieces of paper fall off during the dry, simply re-glue them back on using glue.

Wine Tree Soap Dispenser

I have 10 empty wine bottles which are fantastic for decoration, but they persist on collecting dust. In my Internet searches I’ve been looking for ways to recycle the bottles without having to cut, smash, or melt them. Although these would be fun projects, they are certainly not safe, nor advisable in an apartment. I stumbled upon several examples of using the bottles as soap dispensers using a pour spout, and decided to play around with the idea.

Some of the creations I reviewed used paper labels, which based on my abilities to drench the sink and counters when doing dishes, would ruin the overall design. The other concern was touching the bottle while handling raw foods and washing my hands. With these thoughts in mind,  I ruled out paper as a decorative option and elected for glass paint.

To accomplish this project I soaked the bottle for an evening in the sink until the labels peeled off. Dried the outside for about a day and applied glass paint in brown, sage and glitter silver. I hand drew a tree, and retouched it up as it dried for a solid brown color  as it dries splotchy if the layers of paint are uneven. Applied the leaves and a few silver swirls and allowed 24 hours for the paint to harden.  Pour in your soap, and top it off with a pour spout.

Skinning the iPad

Hooray it’s here! The same week I purchased my iPad, I ordered my first Gelaskin, Enamored Owl, from a talented artist in Portland OR, Alberto Cerriteno and have been eagerly awaiting for it to arrive. This has been my first order from Gelaskins, and the skin comes with 3M logos on the back of the paper sheets, so I’m confident it’s sturdy. Only complaint I had was it seemed a bit off size wise even after repositioning, but I always didn’t want to stretch the skin. Now with the skin done, my next techno-project is locating a carrying case to match.

Recycled Cardboard Box Mail Folder

I love Miller Lite, have I mentioned this? So this usually results in plenty of boxes I toss away. So I had an idea to recycle one of the boxes into a mail folder to hold all the letters and envelopes that clutter my kitchen counter.

The Bos
The Box

Cut the box into a folder with a flap:

Folder Pattern
Folder Pattern
Bend the flap over and form the folder.
Bend the flap over and form the folder.

Glue paper over it:

Using needle and thread add two buttons:

Leather to tie the folder shut
Leather to tie the folder shut

Embellished with a custom made mail tag and two rub on transfers:

The finished design
The finished design