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John Keats Book Wreath

Months ago I located this craft online, and due to life distractions I never got around to it. I am happy to announce that last night, I made this fabulous wreath in preparation for the fall/winter season. (In one sitting! Actually I made this while watching the new Conan movie.)

To make this wreath you will need:
A Glue gun with sticks
Foam wreath
A book to sacrifice

For instructions, head over to: Video with paper folding techniques included.

Please note: My wreath contains one paper fold. For the outer layers I used 2 pages per fold. Inner layers and “fill in” are 1 page per fold. Sadly due to it’s massive size I am not offering this on my Etsy. If you wish for me to make one for you, please contact me on Facebook.


Magazine Paper Roses

YAY! The paper rose wreath is ready and I have it proudly displayed on my guest bathroom door (because for some odd reason people keep trying to enter the closet instead of the bathroom … don’t ask hahaha). The paper roses are made from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine (one entire issue) and held together with super glue. I used a braided wood wreath from the Dollar Tree as my base.

Instructions for making the roses are available at Dozi:

I know Mom is going to want one once she sees my blog post:) Excuse the dog hair in the pics, Indiana is blowing his winter coat!