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July 17th, 2012 by Heather Marie

Creative Recycling: Dipped Jam Jar Candle

Old jam jars can be easily transformed into new gifts with a bit of paint and an old candle. For instructions on the wax portion of this project, please refer to: http://www.woodlandfairy.com/old-candles-into-new/. This is a 3 step project, and takes 2 days for drying time.


Pour paint into a bucket and place the jar into it. Swirl it around a few times to cover the bottom, then dry upside down. Once dry, take a brilo pad and gently scrub the paint “drips” off leaving an even painted bottom. Wash off any reside and air dry.


Cover up any logos using a base coat of paint. Taking a second color, drizzle it in a messy pattern for a decorative effect. Depending on the thickness of the paint, you may need to allow the lids to dry overnight. Be careful removing the lids as excess paint will lift.


Now you’re ready to wick and pour your recycled wax into the jar. Perfect way to regift half burned candles into new treasures.


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