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August 8th, 2012 by Heather Marie

Fairy Bottles

Next time you have a gathering of friends over, save the bottles. Using glass paint, you can transform them into whimsical decorations. After they dry, apply a label and beads using a glue gun.

The purple bottle is a standard paint finish, with a bronze color dabbed onto the grooves and ridges.

The metallic version involves one layer of applied paint (thickly by sponging it on) with distress added by randomly rubbing off sections using a Brillo pad. The inside is painted full silver achieved by pouring the paint in, and flipping the bottle upside down to drain the excess. Using a square sponge, I painted the bottom for extra effect.

Included at the bottom of this article are links to the labels I designed using Photoshop. Feel free to use them in your bottle creations.

Have an enchanted day:)


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One Response to “Fairy Bottles”
  1. Those are gorgeous. I painted a cobalt blue vase earlier this spring. It was fun. But I didn’t think of labels or the twine.

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