Fairy Wings for Leia

Sometimes You find the best projects in the clearance aisle. This weekend while making a supply run to Michaels I found a butterfly wings set for $5.99. The set included 3 ribbons, mesh wings, gems, flowers and glitter glue. For this price, the project was a steal!

I converted the project into fairy wings for my coworker’s daughter Leia using the ribbons as “flowing” extras (who likes following instructions anyways?).

I can say that I cannot find the words to explain how happy I am that Leia enjoyed them. Her mother dazzled Facebook with photos of her modeling the wings, and even trying to charm her Grandpa with a wand.

I’m a proud auntie!


2 thoughts on “Fairy Wings for Leia”

  1. Leia wanted me to thank you so much for her fairy wings!!! She wore them all night and wanted to wear them at school but I promised her that she can wear them tonight when she goes home!

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