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May 20th, 2012 by Heather Marie

Glow in the Dark Bottle

For a quick party idea, or unique recycle decor, take bubble liquid (cheap at the Dollar Tree) and Glow Sticks (available there too!). Pour the soap into a bottle, then crack the sticks to activate them. Carefully cut off the top of a stick and pour it into the bottle. Cap, shake and watch the glow. These don’t last for long but afterwards you can use a blacklight to keep em glowing or refill them if you are hosting a party.

Thanks to Emi and Jana for inspiring me to recreate their bottles!













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2 Responses to “Glow in the Dark Bottle”
  1. Heather Marie says

    You will like em! Be sure to get a black lite bulb as the bottle doesn’t last long

  2. Yes! I am going to try this at home.

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