Homemade Shotglass Candles

A few years ago I started a collection of shot glasses from my vacation spots, which have rendered the makeshift ones from my first “I just moved out” drinkware set useless. Through the years the set of 6 became 3, and were larger than your traditional shot glass, but served their purpose. Most of them were dropped out of clumsiness and sadly their demise had nothing to do with drinking fun. Tonight I recycled them into candle holders.

Tools Used:

  • Wax plus melting bags
  • Water for boiling
  • Coloring – red, blue and orange
  • Vybar (didn’t measure it, but probably around a tablespoon or more)
  • Wicks and metal end
  • Scent
  • Chopsticks or pencils

Melt the wax plus vybar and set up your wicks. I tied a simple knot and slid the metal base over it so it would stand flush. Mixing together the red, blue and orange coloring I spooned it into the bottom of the glasses just to test out how it would mold over the pour. Using chopsticks I straightened the wicks by tying them around and centered them as best as possible within the glass. Add in the scent before the pour, and slowly add the wax into the glasses.

What was neat about this was the cider look of the wax when it mixed with the coloring before it set. Dried it had a light pumpkin/spice coloring.

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