Honey Almond Oat Bran Soap Recipe

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Some time ago I experimented with melt and pour soap making, and made my first sets of Honey Almond Soap. For a review of my experience, especially if you are considering soap making, please read: http://www.woodlandfairy.com/bubble-bubble-toil-trouble/.

Last night I made these yummy smelling soap bars using the last of the soap base I had left. It is a combination of 3 bases: creamy, glycerin basic and clear (hard).


Almond Oil
Honey Almond Soap Scent
Vanilla extract
Oat Bran
Purple soap dye
Bread loaf pan
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

Melt your basic glyercin base first and mix both almond oil and vanilla extract into it before pouring into your pan (I free measured here). Sprinkle some oat bran onto the basic layer. Spray alcohol to help set the first layer. While the soap starts to cool, melt the clear solid base and mix a few drops of purple dye to achieve a lilac color. Add Honey Almond scent to it and pour the soap trying to target the middle area of the bread pan. The second soap will start to mix with the first. Add a layer of oat bran, and then take a break while the soap cools off a bit. Melt your final layer, and add Honey Almond scent. Using a fork, whisk the soap until bubbles start to form, and then slowly pour it into the bread pan. Scrape out any excess soap and layer it as shavings on the top.

I let the soap cool in the fridge overnight and popped it out of the pan this morning. The slices are a bit small, but I was working with left-over soap bases. Makes a cute hand soap I must say.


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