How to Layer Candles

Layering candles is an easy process, which enables you to create unique multi-colored creations. Layering happens in phases so be prepared to have some time set aside (or run multiple projects at one time like I do *smile*).

What you will need:

Candle making tools: wax, wick, mold of your choice

Fridge (for faster results)

Patience (if you can wait)

Melt down your wax selecting your first color, and pour it partially¬†into your mold(s) and leave it to set for a few minutes. Take this time to make sure that your wick is straight¬† and adjust as needed. When the wax begins to “haze” you may move the mold into the fridge (freezer if possible) for a faster set-time. Check your candles after a few minutes and make sure that the top layer of the wax has hardened somewhat. It is normal that the mold may still be hot, however you will need a solid layer to pour another layer of hot wax onto it.

Remove the candles, and melt your next batch of colored wax. When ready, pour the next layer on, and repeat the same process. You can do this as many times as you want depending on how many layered portions you want.

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