Designer Vase – Dollar Tree Price

Love designer vases, but not the price? (Sounds like a pitch I know *smile*). Head over to your local Dollar Tree and purchase some glass vases. Using craft paint (I used left over outdoor craft paint), pour some into the vase and twirl the vase around (using your hands) to get the paint to move. Using a second paint color randomly pour it onto the internal sides and continue hand twisting the vase. When you have the majority covered, place the vase upside down onto a surface and allow the excess paint to drip out. This will create random streaks much like those expensive designer vases in those bed and universe places.

Expect an over night to possibly 2 days drying time depending on how much paint you used. Once dry, I sealed it with a layer of Mod Podge for a glossy look. Remember that this project is for decoration only and I would not suggest eating or dining with painted glassware. Enjoy!



Vintage Father’s Day eCard

On this rainy day I created a free eCard for Father’s Day as I’m a Photoshop junkie. Went for a vintage/retro feel with font that reminded me of an old speakeasy. To use the card, simply download it to your computer by clicking on the thumbnail below. The gallery will load, right-click on the image and choose “save as”.  Using your favorite email program send it out as an attachment or placed inside the message to all the dads you know. Hope you enjoy!

Father's Day eCard

“Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble”

I’ve been holding off on posting my review of soap making until I had ample time to use my soaps over a period of time. Well, it’s been a few months and my decision is a solid YES! it’s worth it.

So why make soap? You can easily buy it.

As someone with allergies, it concerns me that the list of chemicals seems to get longer, and weirder everyday. I also am picky with scents, mainly my avoidance to fruity smells.

With this is mind, you may select the ingredients, mold, and scent. I don’t think I will go back to buying store soaps.

Initially I looked into making glycerin soaps from scratch. Apparently this process is chemical heavy and not suitable for confined spaces. I selected the “melt and pour” approach which is available at any crafts store.

The initial start-up cost will vary. I purchased my first kit at Michaels on clearance. The kit included one mold, gel soap, creamy soap, coloring and crushed walnuts. I was not pleased with the kit; I found the instructions hard to understand, and the molds hard to use. I also found that the gel soap did not foam and lather as I had expected it too.

The second kit I purchased was at Hobby Lobby, and was a self-selected piece together affair. I purchased a plain bar mold,  glycerin soap from Something Fabulous (excellent brand!), and honey almond scent. The soaps I use now, are from the second kit, and I love them.

The process is extremely simple: melt the soap in the microwave in 30 second intervals until it’s completely melted. Mist the mold with rubbing alcohol (in a spray bottle), add the scent/color to the soap before pouring in.

You can achieve layers of different colored wax by spraying rubbing alcohol on the first later. The alcohol will prevent the second layer upon pour, from mixing with the first layer.

Soaps make great gifts as well, and you can make your own wrappers and labels using decorative scrapbooking papers.


Chrysanthemum Fimo Necklace

My coworkers have encouraged me to explore jewelry making, so I’ve been experimenting with necklace pendants using Fimo clay. My wonderful neighbor Emi volunteered to model my first creation, which is a two-leafed pendant with a purple “spiky” flower.  It’s my attempt at making a Chrysanthemum, which was accomplished by “rolling” the clay into small tubes and placing them together.

If you are interested in purchasing the piece for $35.00 please contact me.

Model: Emi Claire of Seattle, WA and Columbia SC

Photos and Photoshop work by Heather Blazek (me).

Restoring a Cushion

DIY Club

Patio chairs need some help over time especially with wear and tear use, so instead of throwing the chairs out I restored them using some fabric from Hobby Lobby. Unscrew the cushion (if applicable) and using a staple gun, staple the fabric onto the cushion.  Trim the excess fabric and staple down any loose ends (so it doesn’t hang). I did this freehand with no measurements with the fabric. Just cut a bit extra so you have enough room to staple on. Be sure to “tug” the fabric for a smooth fit before each staple. Now you have a “new” chair.

Hope you enjoy this summer redo and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Glow in the Dark Bottle

For a quick party idea, or unique recycle decor, take bubble liquid (cheap at the Dollar Tree) and Glow Sticks (available there too!). Pour the soap into a bottle, then crack the sticks to activate them. Carefully cut off the top of a stick and pour it into the bottle. Cap, shake and watch the glow. These don’t last for long but afterwards you can use a blacklight to keep em glowing or refill them if you are hosting a party.

Thanks to Emi and Jana for inspiring me to recreate their bottles!













Give Me Some Sugar

I love scrubs, and the exfoilation benefits they provide. Store bought ones however can be a bit pricey and loaded with chemicals. Here’s my natural recipe for personal and gift use:

You will need:

  • Sugar (brown or white)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Almond Oil
  • Ground almond shells (optional)
  • Honey Almond scent (purchased in the soap making aisle at any craft store)
  • Food color
  • Jar with lid

Most recipes online call for mixing the sugar and oils in a jar. I find that by doing this you get a “gloppy” mixture which isn’t a pretty experience to use. I mix my scrubs in a metal mixing bowl with a wooden spoon.

First add the sugar (and ground shells – optional) with a few drops of vanilla. Next add a bit of oil and mix. Do not over-pour.  You will notice the sugar becoming lumpy in appearance. Continue to add oil, and mix until you get a dry yet smooth appearance. This may take 3 to 4 times however it prevents you from having a gloppy and runny mix. When you achieve the smoothness you want, add one drop of food coloring. Mix the sugar until the mix is a solid color. Mix in honey almond scent and store in lidded jars.

As this recipe does not contain preservatives, please use caution. Do not keep the mix past 2 weeks, and scoop out what you wish to use. I store mine in the fridge for freshness.  Remember natural homemade scrubs will eventually spoil.

Sink Trick

With Mother’s Day coming up, I wanted to share one of the first household tricks my mother taught me when I moved out. Vinegar and baking soda = bubbly cleany stuff. This “foam” is natural, green, and dedorizes, cleans, kills bug eggs, plus removes rust. Simply sprinkle baking soda around the drain, and then “wash” the soda down the drain by pouring vinegar onto it. The combination will foam up, and rinse away any extras with water.

Words of wisdom I still use. Thanks mom!

Fairy Wings for Leia

Sometimes You find the best projects in the clearance aisle. This weekend while making a supply run to Michaels I found a butterfly wings set for $5.99. The set included 3 ribbons, mesh wings, gems, flowers and glitter glue. For this price, the project was a steal!

I converted the project into fairy wings for my coworker’s daughter Leia using the ribbons as “flowing” extras (who likes following instructions anyways?).

I can say that I cannot find the words to explain how happy I am that Leia enjoyed them. Her mother dazzled Facebook with photos of her modeling the wings, and even trying to charm her Grandpa with a wand.

I’m a proud auntie!