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May 28th, 2012 by Heather Marie

Restoring a Cushion

DIY Club

Patio chairs need some help over time especially with wear and tear use, so instead of throwing the chairs out I restored them using some fabric from Hobby Lobby. Unscrew the cushion (if applicable) and using a staple gun, staple the fabric onto the cushion.  Trim the excess fabric and staple down any loose ends (so it doesn’t hang). I did this freehand with no measurements with the fabric. Just cut a bit extra so you have enough room to staple on. Be sure to “tug” the fabric for a smooth fit before each staple. Now you have a “new” chair.

Hope you enjoy this summer redo and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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6 Responses to “Restoring a Cushion”
  1. Heather Marie says

    The chairs are my boyfriends and if I recall he had them in the downstairs garage for a bit. They’ve seen a lot of use lol. I’m thinking of doing the whole patio in shades of blue now

  2. bob porter says

    i have to say i like the design pattern better than the plain white it originally was. they look better than new

  3. Heather Marie says

    Thanks! I’m digging how they came out

  4. bob porter says

    good job on that chair, looks great!

  5. Heather Marie says

    Glad you like the project! Let me know how yours turns out:)

  6. What a fun chair – I have one I need to do this to (what am I waiting for)!?

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