Stacking crown candle

This weekend I took my first adventure in candle making and produced a crown shaped stacking candle. Awesome effect for layered non dull candle goodness!

You will need:
Candle wax
Melting bags
Wick thread
Metal wick end
Sewing needle
Cookie pan
Cookie cutter
Vegetable oil

Coat your cookie pan with vegetable oil and set aside. Using the bags melt your wax and add scent just before pouring. Pour the wax onto the cookie pan and wait a few minutes for the wax to become semi hard. Using the cookie cutter press the wax to form your shapes (just like your making cookies.) Begin removing the excess wax being careful not to damage the shapes. I peeled away starting at the edges moving the shapes only when they hardened by using a press and slide approach with my fingers. Thread the needle with the wicking thread and carefully thread through the shapes. Finish with a fastener and a bit of wax between each layer to hold the candle together and your done!

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