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Whipped Cupcake Candles

This is a 2-part project, with the second using whipped wax. For a  great tutorial on whipped wax please see: CandleHelp – Whipped Wax.


  • Cupcake pan
  • Wax, wicks and boil tools
  • Scent (used Banana Nut)
  • Brown color, others for icing color

Part 1:

Line the cupcake pan with oil so the wax doesn’t stick to the pan. Melt the wax and add a small amount of brown color for a golden “bread” look. Add scent before pouring, and fill the pan cup like you are making real cupcakes. After the wax starts to harden, you can move the pan into the fridge (or freezer) for a faster set. Pop out of the pan and you will have your bottom layer.

Part 2:

Melt more wax, color is optional for this part. Once melted pour into a container and wait for the wax to start hardening (a few minutes). Using a fork start to “whisk” the wax like you’re beating an egg. The wax will begin to foam and “chunk” up. using the fork, spoon the wax onto the first part of the candle. You can layer the whipped wax in small amounts or large messy amounts. The more “runny” the whipped wax the more messy the frosting will be on the finished candle.