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Guest Feature: Pretzels & Pearls – Cupcakes!

When my co-worker Kimmie shared with me that she was starting her adventure in blogging, I was excited. When I discovered she shared a coveted cupcake recipe on her blog, I was ecstatic! Kimmie is a talented baker, and as one of her test subjects I can share with you that the Mr. Do Right cupcake, is a treat you MUST try. Mr. Do Right is a sweet potatoe souffle with a savory butter cream frosting, topped with maple syrup. Bacon is optional, but trust me – it’s a must!

Drop on by Kimmie’s new home on the web, welcome her, and try out this recipe: Will Blog For Food from Pretzels & Pearls.

Photo copyrighted to Pretzels & Pearls


Wheat Cheese Bread

Tried out this bread recipe from Cooks.com for an afternoon project, and I mean literally all afternoon.  I modified it by using wheat flour, safflower oil, and added a cheese topping after the counter rise. The cheese was layered twice, with the second 15 minutes left in the 45 minute bake time.  I’m pleased with the finished project and it has a slight hint of sourdough like taste. Fantastic with slices of baked deli ham:)