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Creative Recycling: Dipped Jam Jar Candle

Old jam jars can be easily transformed into new gifts with a bit of paint and an old candle. For instructions on the wax portion of this project, please refer to: http://www.woodlandfairy.com/old-candles-into-new/. This is a 3 step project, and takes 2 days for drying time.


Pour paint into a bucket and place the jar into it. Swirl it around a few times to cover the bottom, then dry upside down. Once dry, take a brilo pad and gently scrub the paint “drips” off leaving an even painted bottom. Wash off any reside and air dry.


Cover up any logos using a base coat of paint. Taking a second color, drizzle it in a messy pattern for a decorative effect. Depending on the thickness of the paint, you may need to allow the lids to dry overnight. Be careful removing the lids as excess paint will lift.


Now you’re ready to wick and pour your recycled wax into the jar. Perfect way to regift half burned candles into new treasures.


How to Layer Candles

Layering candles is an easy process, which enables you to create unique multi-colored creations. Layering happens in phases so be prepared to have some time set aside (or run multiple projects at one time like I do *smile*).

What you will need:

Candle making tools: wax, wick, mold of your choice

Fridge (for faster results)

Patience (if you can wait)

Melt down your wax selecting your first color, and pour it partially into your mold(s) and leave it to set for a few minutes. Take this time to make sure that your wick is straight  and adjust as needed. When the wax begins to “haze” you may move the mold into the fridge (freezer if possible) for a faster set-time. Check your candles after a few minutes and make sure that the top layer of the wax has hardened somewhat. It is normal that the mold may still be hot, however you will need a solid layer to pour another layer of hot wax onto it.

Remove the candles, and melt your next batch of colored wax. When ready, pour the next layer on, and repeat the same process. You can do this as many times as you want depending on how many layered portions you want.

Candles Oh My!

I’ve been asked by many of my peers to sell candles, and after some research I am proud to announce my partnership with Eclipse Candle Company.

You may order online and have these wonderful candles shipped to you. Eclipse Candle is a Christian based business out of Texas and they have a selection of scents named after the Eclipse books.

Team Edward, no I’m Team Jacob!

Come visit us: http://www.eclipsecandleco.com/evergreen


Old Candles Into New

We all collect jars full of half burned candles, and eventually end up with cluttered jars everywhere. Using a project I found on Pinterest I recycled the wax and made a layered candle. Using a sink, fill it with hot water and place the jars into the water. Allow the jars to “float around” for a bit until you can scoop out the wax with a spoon. Clear any debris from the wax including the old wick and melt the wax using your preferred method (double boiler, boil bags). Wick and fill the mold.

Whipped Cupcake Candles

This is a 2-part project, with the second using whipped wax. For a  great tutorial on whipped wax please see: CandleHelp – Whipped Wax.


  • Cupcake pan
  • Wax, wicks and boil tools
  • Scent (used Banana Nut)
  • Brown color, others for icing color

Part 1:

Line the cupcake pan with oil so the wax doesn’t stick to the pan. Melt the wax and add a small amount of brown color for a golden “bread” look. Add scent before pouring, and fill the pan cup like you are making real cupcakes. After the wax starts to harden, you can move the pan into the fridge (or freezer) for a faster set. Pop out of the pan and you will have your bottom layer.

Part 2:

Melt more wax, color is optional for this part. Once melted pour into a container and wait for the wax to start hardening (a few minutes). Using a fork start to “whisk” the wax like you’re beating an egg. The wax will begin to foam and “chunk” up. using the fork, spoon the wax onto the first part of the candle. You can layer the whipped wax in small amounts or large messy amounts. The more “runny” the whipped wax the more messy the frosting will be on the finished candle.

Homemade Shotglass Candles

A few years ago I started a collection of shot glasses from my vacation spots, which have rendered the makeshift ones from my first “I just moved out” drinkware set useless. Through the years the set of 6 became 3, and were larger than your traditional shot glass, but served their purpose. Most of them were dropped out of clumsiness and sadly their demise had nothing to do with drinking fun. Tonight I recycled them into candle holders.

Tools Used:

  • Wax plus melting bags
  • Water for boiling
  • Coloring – red, blue and orange
  • Vybar (didn’t measure it, but probably around a tablespoon or more)
  • Wicks and metal end
  • Scent
  • Chopsticks or pencils

Melt the wax plus vybar and set up your wicks. I tied a simple knot and slid the metal base over it so it would stand flush. Mixing together the red, blue and orange coloring I spooned it into the bottom of the glasses just to test out how it would mold over the pour. Using chopsticks I straightened the wicks by tying them around and centered them as best as possible within the glass. Add in the scent before the pour, and slowly add the wax into the glasses.

What was neat about this was the cider look of the wax when it mixed with the coloring before it set. Dried it had a light pumpkin/spice coloring.

Stacking crown candle

This weekend I took my first adventure in candle making and produced a crown shaped stacking candle. Awesome effect for layered non dull candle goodness!

You will need:
Candle wax
Melting bags
Wick thread
Metal wick end
Sewing needle
Cookie pan
Cookie cutter
Vegetable oil

Coat your cookie pan with vegetable oil and set aside. Using the bags melt your wax and add scent just before pouring. Pour the wax onto the cookie pan and wait a few minutes for the wax to become semi hard. Using the cookie cutter press the wax to form your shapes (just like your making cookies.) Begin removing the excess wax being careful not to damage the shapes. I peeled away starting at the edges moving the shapes only when they hardened by using a press and slide approach with my fingers. Thread the needle with the wicking thread and carefully thread through the shapes. Finish with a fastener and a bit of wax between each layer to hold the candle together and your done!