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Homemade Lamp Charm

While organizaing my crafts I came across my old wire accessories, and a crystal I purchased years ago. I remember I intended to use the crystal to make a good luck charm, similiar to the ones used in Feng Shui or Asian decorating. Of course I never did complete this project… until today.

I wrapped jewelry wire around the tip of the crystal, and hammered it into place, using a small hammer (these can be purchased at craft stores.) Attached beads, which are all seperated by a single hammered loop.

To achieve the hammered loop I used a crochet hook, and used the base portion. Do not use the actual hook as you only need to wrap the wire, then slide the wire off the base. The goal is to make a loop, and then hammer the loop into place. (It is helpful to have a heavy surface to hammer onto. I have a metal bar-bell my father welded me, specifically for jewelry making.)

To finish, I attached it to my paper lamp, and added strips of ribbon, tied by a single knot.