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Zombie Hideaway Birdhouse

For Dad’s birthday I wanted to combine two of his favorite things: birds and zombies. Yes I said zombies! Dad’s a big Resident Evil fan, while I’m a fan of The Walking Dead on AMC. Using some outdoor paint, and popsicle sticks, I created a “bird” hideaway from all the evil zombie bugs and animals out there. The birdhouse was premade, purchased from my local Michaels. To construct the “beware” sign, I snapped popsicle sticks and glued them together to form a sign.¬†One of my fave creations of 2012!

In Bloom

The patio garden has been taking a beating with the hot recent days, sudden thunderstorms and hail recently. I also just discovered that my upstairs office window has been busted which may have been a left over from the last severe thunderstorm we had and let me tell you, placing plastic tarp over a window with limited tape isn’t fun…

But I digress, I’ve struggled with everything to drooping plants, brown leaves, leaves with holes and bugs lately. But I’m happy to report that the sunflowers have been hanging in there, and my first blooms have arrived. It’s been a rough ride to get here, but I’m happy they have hung in there.

The sage has not been so lucky and started developing mold on the soil. I harvested what I could and let em dry out, but these will be for decorative purposes as I don’t trust what was happening with the soil.

Treated the chinese paper lantern with soap water as I found small flies bouncing around the soil and deformed leaves. She seems to be perking up after the treatment, but no blooms yet nor increased growth.

In short, I purchased a house plant. Perhaps this might be a better solution in South Carolina summers for plants, It’s a real task to keep patio gardens going. I named her Medusa, and for a viney plant, I think it’s fitting. Hopefully she becomes a monster.

Seedlings Check-In

I’m excited to see that the sunflowers have developed past their first sets of leaves. The new leaves are longer, and the stems have hardened up from my last photo op with them. I was also pleased to see my sage herbs grow practically overnight. I got frustrated with these guys and transplanted the 3 sprouts into a container, and added the remaining unused seeds into the soil mix. Apparently that was the trick that worked. I checked them last Sunday while doing laundry, and literally overnight I had new growth pop up. The Chinese Lanterns are still chugging along, and as these guys are rumored to be aggressive, I don’t spend too much time worrying about their growth. I’m sure they will take over my table outside soon enough.

Easter Gardening

My best friend Jana uses blown glass bulbs for her houseplants so I figured I would try two of em out myself.

The Lilly has taken well to it while the Chinese Lanterns outside have sucked up half the bulb already. Not sure it will be a good solution for outdoor plants with the heat but worth a try.

Sunflowers are well but had to fasten the plug at the bottom of the box as the soil registered bone dry with 24 hours of watering them. Might have to check these guys every morning. So far so good, but some yellowing on two seedlings. Nothing severe but it appears to have happened to leaves still stuck in the seed pod which I picked off today.