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How To: Using Our Body Melts

If you’ve been wondering how to use our Body Melts, well wonder no more! Body Melts may be used as a solid, applied directly to your skin, or with our warmers. The warmer transforms the Melt into an oil, but don’t worry about burning yourself ladies, as I’ve demonstrated below, the wax melts but doesn’t scald.

In addition to using our Body Melts, the best part about this product is that 100% of the net proceedsĀ are donated to charitable organizations.

Ready to jump in? Head on over to http://www.eclipsecandleco.com/evergreen.

Sunday-Funday Suncatcher Project

After work Friday I wandered around my local Dollar Tree and on a whim I went through the collection of suncatchers they had in stock. Located all the way in the back, was a rose pattern, and after checking the other racks for the design, I resorted to tearing the suncatcher from the back of the rack. Two of the paint pods appeared dry so I purchased a second one with full paint.

The paint bubbles and “shrinks” as it dries so if you purchase these kits for the kiddies you may want to help them fill in spots. You can also mix colors with this kit and luckily it can be done with a small dab of paint.

All in all I’m satisfied with the project and here’s my results:

$3.00 Counter Redo

I’ve been blessed to have the original countertops in the 44 year old townhouse I’m renting. But with age the counters pick up every stain, and I find myself bleaching every week. With the boyfriend working nights, and I’m on days it’s easier at this time to creatively solve the issue before asking my landlord to replace the counters. For $3.00 at my local Dollar Tree I purchased Contact paper in a tan marble, and did a quick kitchen redo. The counters are protected from further damage, and the kitchen has a new look.

Homemade Lamp Charm

While organizaing my crafts I came across my old wire accessories, and a crystal I purchased years ago. I remember I intended to use the crystal to make a good luck charm, similiar to the ones used in Feng Shui or Asian decorating. Of course I never did complete this project… until today.

I wrapped jewelry wire around the tip of the crystal, and hammered it into place, using a small hammer (these can be purchased at craft stores.) Attached beads, which are all seperated by a single hammered loop.

To achieve the hammered loop I used a crochet hook, and used the base portion. Do not use the actual hook as you only need to wrap the wire, then slide the wire off the base. The goal is to make a loop, and then hammer the loop into place. (It is helpful to have a heavy surface to hammer onto. I have a metal bar-bell my father welded me, specifically for jewelry making.)

To finish, I attached it to my paper lamp, and added strips of ribbon, tied by a single knot.