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Bathroom Magazine and Paper Holder

I love bathroom accessories, but won’t pay $19.99 to $30.00 for a magazine rack and toilet paper holder as offered by certain stores in the area. Using a trash bag box, and a coffee can I fashioned by own with craft paper from the Dollar Tree and glue sticks.

I papered the inside of the box first starting with the smaller sides with 2 pieces of paper. Use one long piece for the bottom and remaining sides. Cut one large portion of paper for the outside. Start with the longer sides first and glue the paper from the bottom up. Wrap the smaller sides as if you were wrapping a present and cut any excess. Press the top (trim to make even) into the box and glue down.

For the coffee can simply cut on long piece which circles around the can. Glue the paper down and press the excess down to form an inside layer. Glue down the inside if needed.