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Designer Vase – Dollar Tree Price

Love designer vases, but not the price? (Sounds like a pitch I know *smile*). Head over to your local Dollar Tree and purchase some glass vases. Using craft paint (I used left over outdoor craft paint), pour some into the vase and twirl the vase around (using your hands) to get the paint to move. Using a second paint color randomly pour it onto the internal sides and continue hand twisting the vase. When you have the majority covered, place the vase upside down onto a surface and allow the excess paint to drip out. This will create random streaks much like those expensive designer vases in those bed and universe places.

Expect an over night to possibly 2 days drying time depending on how much paint you used. Once dry, I sealed it with a layer of Mod Podge for a glossy look. Remember that this project is for decoration only and I would not suggest eating or dining with painted glassware. Enjoy!



Zombie Hideaway Birdhouse

For Dad’s birthday I wanted to combine two of his favorite things: birds and zombies. Yes I said zombies! Dad’s a big Resident Evil fan, while I’m a fan of The Walking Dead on AMC. Using some outdoor paint, and popsicle sticks, I created a “bird” hideaway from all the evil zombie bugs and animals out there. The birdhouse was premade, purchased from my local Michaels. To construct the “beware” sign, I snapped popsicle sticks and glued them together to form a sign. One of my fave creations of 2012!

Wine Tree Soap Dispenser

I have 10 empty wine bottles which are fantastic for decoration, but they persist on collecting dust. In my Internet searches I’ve been looking for ways to recycle the bottles without having to cut, smash, or melt them. Although these would be fun projects, they are certainly not safe, nor advisable in an apartment. I stumbled upon several examples of using the bottles as soap dispensers using a pour spout, and decided to play around with the idea.

Some of the creations I reviewed used paper labels, which based on my abilities to drench the sink and counters when doing dishes, would ruin the overall design. The other concern was touching the bottle while handling raw foods and washing my hands. With these thoughts in mind,  I ruled out paper as a decorative option and elected for glass paint.

To accomplish this project I soaked the bottle for an evening in the sink until the labels peeled off. Dried the outside for about a day and applied glass paint in brown, sage and glitter silver. I hand drew a tree, and retouched it up as it dried for a solid brown color  as it dries splotchy if the layers of paint are uneven. Applied the leaves and a few silver swirls and allowed 24 hours for the paint to harden.  Pour in your soap, and top it off with a pour spout.