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Seedlings Check-In

I’m excited to see that the sunflowers have developed past their first sets of leaves. The new leaves are longer, and the stems have hardened up from my last photo op with them. I was also pleased to see my sage herbs grow practically overnight. I got frustrated with these guys and transplanted the 3 sprouts into a container, and added the remaining unused seeds into the soil mix. Apparently that was the trick that worked. I checked them last Sunday while doing laundry, and literally overnight I had new growth pop up. The Chinese Lanterns are still chugging along, and as these guys are rumored to be aggressive, I don’t spend too much time worrying about their growth. I’m sure they will take over my table outside soon enough.

Easter Gardening

My best friend Jana uses blown glass bulbs for her houseplants so I figured I would try two of em out myself.

The Lilly has taken well to it while the Chinese Lanterns outside have sucked up half the bulb already. Not sure it will be a good solution for outdoor plants with the heat but worth a try.

Sunflowers are well but had to fasten the plug at the bottom of the box as the soil registered bone dry with 24 hours of watering them. Might have to check these guys every morning. So far so good, but some yellowing on two seedlings. Nothing severe but it appears to have happened to leaves still stuck in the seed pod which I picked off today.

Sunflower Seedlings

This year I’ve decided to retry a container patio garden which is a project I haven’t done in years. Seeds planted include: sunflowers, lunaria, sage, and lavender. Started 8 days ago and to date, the sunflowers have a full height of near 4 inches. Today I’ve moved them into a pot and onto the patio. I was not expecting a fast response and did not purchase additional pots and soil.  I expected a full 20 days of germination which isn’t the case with these guys. I guess they really like me!  I have planted them in a box that has usable soil, but no return of the plants previously planted in them after last years snow. Hopefully the soil isn’t bad.