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May 14th, 2011 by Heather Marie

Wheat Cheese Bread

Wheat Cheese Bread

Tried out this bread recipe from Cooks.com for an afternoon project, and I mean literally all afternoon.  I modified it by using wheat flour, safflower oil, and added a cheese topping after the counter rise. The cheese was layered twice, with the second 15 minutes left in the 45 minute bake time.  I’m pleased with the finished project and it has a slight hint of sourdough like taste. Fantastic with slices of baked deli ham:)


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3 Responses to “Wheat Cheese Bread”
  1. You get a lot of respect from me for wiritng these helpful articles.

  2. Heather Marie says

    Thanks:) It was fun, think I need to do this more often.

  3. Wow! The bread looks great! Can not wait to try the recipe. Kudos!!

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